These Articles are provided to you so you may gain a better understanding and a bit of knowledge before you make the final decision to purchase your interior or exterior wrought iron or aluminum doors, driveway gates, garden gates or fences, staircase railings, or balcony railings, etc.

With this knowledge and ‘Avion Metal Works of Florida’ guiding you and clarifying all your inquiries and product questions, you will make the most cost effective and informed decision when obtaining the finest metal products of their kind.

  • The Difference (Choice) Between Wrought Iron or Aluminum
    Knowing the difference can help prevent a costly mistake. The right choice will give you beauty and long life to your new wrought iron or aluminum fence or railing. Aluminum fence, gates, railings and doors, will not rust like other fence materials, aluminum is available in various grades and colors!
  • Wrought Iron and Aluminum Gates, Fences, Doors & Railing Finishes
    Here again is information that will give you a wrought iron or aluminum product that” will have a long life as well as maintain its beauty.
  • Wrought Iron & Metal Works Glossary
    This glossary will help yo to understand and speak a bit of the language that iron and metal work companies speak. It’s pays to speak a little bit of wrought iron.
  • Interior or Exterior Wrought Iron and Aluminum Stair and Balcony Railing Imperfections…
    In the welding process, metal will spatter, sometimes leaving tiny bumps, or balls, known as ‘burrs’, on the surface of the metal. When walking up or down our staircases, you do not want your hand to feel these imperfections.
  • Wrought Iron Staircase & Balcony Assembly Methods.
    This article will help you to understand the two traditional methods of assembling staircase and balcony railings, spiral staircases and fences. This can possibly help you to decide how you choose product and it’s style.
  • Is it “rod iron”? Is it “rot iron”? Or is it “wrought iron”?
    One of the most confusing terms in the ornamental metals business is the phrase “wrought iron.” However, the confusion is understandable since even dictionaries cannot agree on a single definition The first thing to clear up is the spelling. Many consumers spell the metal “rod iron” or “rot iron.”Secondly, when the public talks about wrought iron, they could be referring to one of three things – actual wrought iron, hand forged items, or the “look” of wrought iron.
  • Wrought Iron and Aluminum Gates and Fences – There are many types, and they’re used for a variety of reasons.
    When considering and discussing the purchase of metal gates or fencing for the exterior of their home, people will describe what they desire using a variety of terms. They may called it a wrought iron gate or fence, (also called ‘rod iron’ or ‘rot iron, some will say they’re interested in a steel gate or fence, or just metal gate or fence, or an aluminum gate or fence. Whatever the term used, they generally mean the same thing to the layman. Are there differences? Yes, or course there’s a difference between iron and aluminum, just as there’s a difference between copper, brass, and stainless steel. But they all have one thing in common…. they are all metals.
  • The Magic and Allure of Wrought Iron or Aluminum Driveway Gates
    Today, we see these awesome entryways not only on large premier homes, but on homes of all economic levels. Decorative and contemporary driveway gates have become quite reasonable when you know precisely what you want and understand how to shop for them. When these two factors are present, a home enhancement such as this is possible for practically everyone.