As a designer and decorator in Miami Beach for twenty years, I have been fortunate enough to have had Avion Metal Works as a viable resource for most of that period. I would have had them the full twenty years, but they weren’t around when I began my business.

They are impeccable in their work and word, which today is a rarity. Avion has consistently manifested the concepts I have had for furniture, into reality and works of art. EVERY client has been thrilled with their metal furniture and I personally am lucky to have more than a dozen pieces of Avion Metal in my house, including the only illuminated jeweled bed in the world. Their work is timeless and borderless, as I have shipped their exquisite designs to clients around the world.

My clients continually ask about the owners of Avion, as it has not only been a positive business relationship for them, but a warm friendly experience. I only wish Avion produced wood furniture, then I wouldn’t have to color my grey hair.


Terrence N. Tullgren