Interior or Exterior Wrought Iron and Aluminum Staircase and Balcony Railing Imperfections...

In the welding process of any wrought iron and metal products, metal will splatter, sometimes leaving tiny bumps or balls, known as ‘burrs’, on the surface of the metal. When walking up or down your staircases, you do not want your hand to feel or see these imperfections.

It is interesting to watch Joan (the owner if Avion Metal Works of Florida) walking up and down the stairs of a completed stair railing job, running her hand along the railing cap. (See our Questions & Answers page for ‘railing cap’ information) Joan is looking and feeling for any imperfections. Not until it passes her inspection is the job called… ‘complete’. Yes, it’s not enough for the customer to ‘love it’, Avion must ‘love it’. No, “we’re not perfect, yet we strive to be”, says Joan.

Avion Metal Works success in the metal fabrication industry is simply because our on-going attempt to create a metal/iron product as perfect as humanly possible.

Avion thinks of and views shopping for and installing a wrought iron staircase railing and balcony as you would think and view the process of buying a Bentley car. Would you buy it if you spotted a scratch, dent, or imperfection in it? And if you spot one, do you not start to look for more imperfections? Well, this is the attitude taken when creating our products.

QUALITY CONTROL – Burs, and Bumps – Not Acceptable at Avion!

Our wrought iron and aluminum technicians are instructed and trained well in the philosophy that if they can feel and see these imperfections, so can the customer/client; or anyone else for that matter. And, if by the VERY SLIM chance something WAS missed, it is immediately corrected to our quality control standards.

Any imperfection is unacceptable to Avion owners, who are continually striving for, and do personal quality control on all jobs. Joan, is the champion spotter of any imperfections in the iron and aluminum creation. All Avion staff must strive for this perfection… it is a requisite of the job.

Explore our site, and feel free to contact us with any questions and inquiries you may have on your search for the best wrought iron metal staircase and balcony railing product design that will suit your needs and desires. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process.