Wrought Iron and Aluminum Fencing

The Difference Between Them

Aluminum fencing is an important addition to any home. It adds value to your current property. It can be used as a barrier or decoration, or both. It is essential to determine what the function of your fence will be, as well as the geographic location before deciding which type of fence to buy. Whether you are looking for a wrought iron or aluminum fence, door, garden gate, or balcony railing, Avion Metal Works of Florida provides only the highest of quality, style, at the most affordable prices available on the market today!

If you grew up in an older city like Philadelphia you were probably accustomed to seeing wrought iron fencing everywhere. Iron working dates back to the 14th century, and it’s assumed that wrought iron fencing was made shortly after that. It can however require a lot of maintenance. (see our metalworks glossary here)

In this day and age of technology, companies like Avion Metal Works of Florida have introduced an attractive alternative to wrought iron fence by using aluminum alloy instead of iron. Aluminum is the best alternative on the market today to enhance your property, especially in damp, salt-water environments in States such as Florida. Ornamental aluminum fences have the traditional wrought iron look without the required care and maintenance. This is because of two main factors, the finish coat and the nature of aluminum as a metal. They are grand, beautiful, and very estate-like.

Each aluminum fence manufacturer uses a variety of aluminum called an alloy. We use only strongest among the alloys, and strongly recommend only going with a high-grade alloy fence with a special durable finish coat. (Please see our important article… ‘Marine Grade Casting’ here)

The Basic Advantages of Aluminum Fence -vs- All of the Competitor Metals is as Follows: Aluminum fence will not rust like other fence materials, aluminum is available in various grades and colors! There are many advantages to aluminum -vs- wrought iron, as well as, aluminum -vs- vinyl, aluminum -vs- steel, and aluminum -vs- wood. There is something to match every design setting and every design project imaginable.

  • It has the look of wrought iron, yet lighter in weight and very strong
  • It will never rust, chip, crack, peel, or flack – EVER!
  • Aluminum fencing is virtually maintenance free!
  • Aluminum fencing is attractive – used for high visibility
  • Will beautify property lines while creating a deterrent to illegal entry
  • Impervious to termites
  • Available in various colors and finishes
  • Available in different grades to meet all building codes

Aluminum fencing is a fantastic fence option due to the fact that there are various grades of fencing available ranging from residential grade up to industrial grade. Each grade of fencing will provide greater stability. Aluminum fencing is also easy to repair with Avion’s special finishing materials and techniques. Fences can be repaired when necessary and re-painted on-site to match the existing finish.

Please ‘contact us’ here for any and all questions you may have about your choice of aluminum iron fence. The better we can educate you about your desired product and design style, the better product you will have at substantial savings.

There’s a reason why Florida’s finest builders, most demanding designers, and premier home owners use Avion Metal Works for their Wrought Iron and Aluminum metal needs. Explore our site, and contact us with any questions and inquiries on your search for the best iron and metal products and designs that will suit your needs, We’ll be happy to guide you.