One method that is commonly used to assemble iron and metal products such as exterior fencing, spiral staircase kits, and some contemporary staircase railing designs, is the ‘mechanical type’ of assembly. (This is when the parts, or components, of wrought iron, aluminium and stainless steel products are attached by screwing them together. This is what is referred to in the industry as the ‘mechanical type’, or, ‘mechanical fencing‘.

It is used for that ‘industrial’, or ‘contemporary’ look) For some, this may not be the most desired method or look—yet for others, it may be perfect, due to the contemporary style and look of their home. And… it will look, and fit just beautifully.


Most of the time, the other (preferred) method of assembly is welding. For many, welding is the more preferred method because it creates a more flowing, graceful, smooth and seamless look; and has greater strength. By welding exterior fencing, stair railing, and balcony components together, a beautiful look and comfortable feel can be achieved. Welding also helps avoid the possibility of the loosening of the screws used in the ‘mechanical’ method. A welded product does not loosen or fall apart.

Avion actually ‘bends’ all of the individual components and welds them together giving the perception of having only one seamless continuous piece. The ‘mechanical’ method does not nearly look as clean and finished as does a complete bend of the form.

For those who have a particular design style in mind, possibly to match and coincide within the design or style of any room in their home—Avion’s wrought iron and aluminum artists can create all of the custom components of the clients desired design within our metal shop—in house. Then, all components of the exterior fencing, staircase and balcony railings, and spiral staircases can be welded together… as we said, creating the perception of one continuous piece with a smooth, flowing look—with greater strength. Please take a moment and view our ‘Photo Gallery’ for some examples.