Wrought Iron Gates, Fences and Entrances

There are many types and they're used for a variety of reasons

When considering and discussing the purchase of metal gates or fencing for the exterior of their home, people will describe what they desire using a variety of terms. They may called it a wrought iron gate or fence, (also called ‘rod iron’ or ‘rot iron’ – see our article ‘Is it Rot Iron? Is it Rot Iron? or is it Wrought Iron?), some will say they’re interested in a steel gate or fence, or just metal gate or fence, or an aluminum gate or fence. Whatever the term used, they generally mean the same thing to the layman. Are there differences? Yes, or course there’s a difference between iron and aluminum, just as there’s a difference between copper, brass, and stainless steel. But they all have one thing in common…. they are all metals.

There are many types of gates and fences

One of the most common reasons people choose a metal gate or fence for the exterior of their home is that they are the height of old world beauty. They have a classic appearance and a long lasting durability. While there are certainly other types of gates on the market, few, if any carry with them the same sense of luxury or history.

Genuine wrought iron gates are actually few and far between, especially in damp, salt air environments. (see our article: ‘The Difference Between Wrought Iron and Aluminum’). In these environments, aluminum is more commonly used, as it will not rust as iron does. And with today’s modern and sophisticated treatments of metals, it almost impossible to tell the difference between them.

As a wrought iron gate is often associated with old world elegance, as opposed to a modern style gate or fence, it will look right at home among other materials. It compliments hardwood and stone, and will supplement brick, concrete, and other commonly used building materials. Home-owners, and even commercial establishments are always delighted to see the authenticity and rustic charm a wrought iron or aluminum design can bring to a contemporary driveway, garden, or front door.

Where, How, and Why Do People Use This Type of Iron Product?

Privacy Gates and Fences: One of the more common reasons for residential and commercial iron and metal fencing or gating is privacy. This means the fence is either used to keep undesirables out of the general area of the property, or to reduce visibility around a perimeter, or both. Depending on the desired type of privacy, various styles and designs can be created. Iron wrought fences and aluminum fences are a popular choice because they can be made into very tall rods placed closely together and worked into virtually any shape while at the same time having an attractive and elegant look.

Driveway Gates: This type of gate can be beneficial in many ways, once again, security being a consideration. Beautiful, ornamental designer driveway gates also make a style statement. Trendy, or the old world look of driveway gates can have many different designs and patterns, and they can be either manually or electrically operated. These days, it seems that aluminum driveway gates are used extensively in order to avoid the rust and deterioration common to wrought iron—therefore requiring little or no maintenance. They can be painted various colors, and with special treatment methods, be made to look like wrought iron. Please see our full article on Driveway Gates here.

Sometimes It’s Just Appearance: Ornamental driveway entrances, gates and fences reflect elegance, precision and quality. Crafted with finesse, they are a statement of care, art and character— a look that offers a simply charm & long-lasting style.

How About Garden Gates? Many people and companies use wrought iron and aluminum garden gates to create an enchanting entry way and access into their garden, yard, or commercial property to provide pedestrian access through this type of fencing. The iron garden gate is commonly installed to match a beautiful driveway gates, or iron door. There are also various kinds of garden accessories. One exclusive garden accessory can be the garden trellis. What Is A Trellis? A garden trellis is a structure that is employed to hold up different types of plants. Plants can be tied to the trellis or you can permit climbers to connect themselves to the structure. A trellis may be built out of horizontal, vertical, or diagonal bars. These bars may either be a regular geometric pattern or can be arranged to create a decorative, ornamental design. Wrought iron or aluminum garden trellises make a wonderful and warm addition to delightful and sometime sacred get-a-way.

Wrought Iron and Aluminum Pool Safety Fences and Gates: Many people wisely choose this type of fence or gate to help keep your their children, family and friends safe around the home swimming pool. This is of the utmost importance. These do not replace proper supervision of children, but together, many unnecessary accidents can be prevented. An installation of a pool safety fence or gate can provide a great sense of security, and the design can greatly enhance the look of a pool area. With the use of artistic, ornamental and architectural accents, a wrought iron or aluminum pool safety fence looks spectacular.

There’s just something special about fences and gates created from wrought iron and aluminum. There must be a reason that when driving past a home or commercial property with one of these predominantly displayed, cars slow down a bit to look and point. The elegance of these types entrances and fencings, are just awe inspiring. They instantly raise the real, and perceived value of any property.

Why don’t you take a minute or two and visit our wrought iron and aluminum gates, fences and entrances photo gallery. There you will see numerous styles and designs that were created and installed on a variety of properties by Avion Metal Works of Florida.

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